Email: offers custom designed business applications that are Interactive for you and Real Time for your customers, getting the information you need on the web, right now ! These are custom applications, programmed to your specifications, not just HTML or Templates.
    These applications utilize easy-to-use forms to maintain your information and a photo upload routine that includes resizing your photo as it is being uploaded.
    Our applications include:
  • Interactive Shopping Carts
  • Product Inventory- (information & photos)
  • Upcoming Events / Specials / Links
  • Photo Galleries
  • Online Booking System
  • Employment Opportunities
  • ... and more
  •     The applications below include brief descriptions of what the programs do and live examples (links) to websites that include these applications.
        These are real examples of completed projects. Every application is usually custom designed to fit the business.

    Some Examples

    Interactive Shopping Cart
    A complete Shopping Cart System with product categories, individual product information, and photos that can be added and updated. As well, misc pages such as shopping cart instructions or pricing information can be included.
    Example of shopping cart

    Pet Store
    Dogs, Cats etc that are for sale can be uploaded to the website. Information and photos as the pets become available...removed as they are sold.
    Example Pet Store Inventory

    Course Information
    This site is for Driver Training. Course information and photos can be updated by user. Site has a lot of areas that can be changed. example... Tip of the week, About Us, Job Fairs... and more.
    Example of course information

    Cottage Rentals
    This site allows the business to upload their information and photos for each cottage. They can also add activities and update rental prices.
    Example of cottage site.

    Auto Sales
    Cars, Trucks and Vans. This business can upload all their new vehicles and remove them as they are sold... or simply mark them as sold if they wish to leave the items on the site for a while.
    Example of cars sales site.

    This catering business can update their rental list or catering selections as well as other text on the site.
    Example of a catering site.